I became a British citizen on the 8th of April 2015. I’d taken the written citizenship test in 2012, but didn’t feel a big rush to apply for citizenship. I always found a reason to put it off. There was so much paperwork to get together before I could apply. But then the ‘anti-immigrant’ rhetoric became too much for me to bear. I was worried. I am an immigrant from a non-European country and started to feel that, though I was legally living in the UK, my right to live here could be taken away at any time. I needed the protection of a British passport. I gathered all the paperwork I needed and applied.

I held onto this book because I still feel I might need it one day. Though I am now officially British, passport and all, I have always felt that I may one day still need to prove that I am- I really am- British. That this book and the citizenship test it is based on has been replaced by an updated version has never mattered to me. The book is totally useless, but I’ve felt that it is a connection to the “proof” that I belong here.

About this project.

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